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Agnyathavasi Review
Agnyathavasi Review

Agnyathavasi Review

The fireworks combination of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram has not worked this time. All the speculations that the movie is going to be a blockbuster have gone into vain. Talking about blockbuster the movie seemed as just a buster. Don’t know what has happened to the magical words of Trivikram and his timing. The film seems to be the weakest in Trivikram’s plays. Now only the craze of Pawan in Telugu states has to sum up with the success.

Trivikram is known for using the abilities of a superstar and delivering a complete commercial package that entertains all sections of audience. No wonder fans and trade expected a sensation from him with Agnyaathavasi. But all Trivikram managed to deliver is a disaster of sorts. He faltered in every department. Except for a couple of dialogues nothing bears Trivikram’s mark.


The plot is that a business tycoon Govinda Bhargav (Boman Irani) is killed and his heir Abhishikth Bhargav (Pawan Kalyan) who was in exile till then comes out and avenges his father’s and brother’s death. He enters his office as an employee and executes his plan to unfold the secret. AB finds the real culprit behind the crime but before he avenges his father’s death, he has to prove to the world that he is the true heir of Vinda.

The trailers and news reports suggested that “Agnyaathavaasi” is either a sequel to “Attarintiki Daaredhi”, director Trivikram’s earlier blockbuster with Pawan Kalyan, or it could be a remake of international movie “Largo Winch: The Heir Apparent”. Of course, there are traces of “Attarintiki Daaredhi” but the film’s basic plot structure has religiously followed “Largo Winch”, though it is not a scene to scene copy.

Like in “Largo Winch”, the movie is all about the heir apparent coming out to find out his father’s killers. There are also many similarities with “Largo Winch” – the corporate setup, the conflict, the deaths, Khusbu’s role. However, “Largo Winch” was packaged as a racy thriller. Here, the raciness is missing, the emotion is non-existent, and the writing is awfully bad.

performance of Pawan Kalyan is as best as ever. He did his best to keep up the spirits, but there is no content in many a scene.

Khusboo as step-mother is okay. She looks dignified as Pawan’s stepmother but her character is underdeveloped.

Boman Irani in a brief role did his best to the character.

The comedy done by Rao Ramesh and Murali Sharma is the most boring at some parts of the movie.

Both the lead actresses don’t have much role. Keerthy is beautiful. Anu Emmanuel as PA is okay. Both the actresses are going gaga over the hero from the beginning till the end.

Aadhi Pinishetty’s characterization and his performance is one of the highlights of the movie. He seems to own his negative character. His acting skills as villain are growing with each movie.

Tanikella Bharani comes up with winning performance; he got one of the meaty roles compared to many other noted actors.

most of the plot seemed to be dragging with no content in it and the director tried to setup comedy which is not promising. Protagonist of the movie lacked hero elevation with his wrong comedy timings. Some parts are like Atharintiki Daredi repeat. The editing works are the one’s which are not supposed to be talked atleast.

Music by Anirudh is good but they are not placed well and cut abruptly. The background score is very impressive. Manikandan’s work is the major highlight of the film. Production values are top-notch. Every frame is rich and the production designers should be lauded for their exceptional work with the sets.

First half of the film goes on a very passive note and things get spicier during the interval part. We expect the film to take action route post interval but Trivikram continues to irritate with forced office humour that doesn’t click at all. Whole second half seems like it is an extension of Ahalya episode from Attarintiki Daredi. There are a couple of twists here and there but none could really deliver the punch that is much needed for such a massive film.

In “Largo Winch”, the hero is an adopted son. So, he needs to prove his legitimacy. But in “Agnyathaavaasi”, the heir apparent is the real heir apparent and he could prove it with a simple DNA test. What has happened to this simple logic has the writer gone back to olden days where there is no scientific development.

The movie is a complete disaster for Trivikram’s fans. Not his mark of movie.

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